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The truth is, we live in a dark time. But this is not a time without hope. We invite you to come on a journey into the woods to discover the truth about our Creator and His creation.

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  • The seven morel trees and more

    Learn what trees morels prefer to grow under and how to identify them. Hunt the trees first, then look for the morels! Check out the playlist!

  • Fishing tips

    Learn some fishing tips from Charles Grove, and what it means to become fishers of men. Check out the playlist!

  • Tracking for Beginners

    Hunting season in Fall 2022 is upon us. Learn the basics of tracking in snow, mud and more! Check out the playlist!

  • Wild Fruit in PA

    Here are some common edible berries that grown in Southwestern PA. Check out the playlist!

  • Eat your greens!

    Increase your healing potential with these wonderful wild plants that God has given us! Check out the playlist!

  • Some of my favorite mushrooms

    Do you love morels? Get ready to learn about some other excellent tasting mushrooms! Check out this playlist!